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2023-09-01 09:10 作者:岳灵峰总厂


How to Place the Solid Wood Electric Table and Electric Dining Table in the Imperial Health Preservation Room

In history, the emperors, nobles, and even the common people who emphasized health preservation placed great emphasis on sleep and wellness, with a particular emphasis on orientation. In the Forbidden City of Beijing, the orientation of the electric dining tables for emperors and empresses is always in the east-west direction. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the sleeping orientation is best in the east-west direction.
According to the concepts of "" and "Yin Yang and Five Elements" in traditional Chinese medicine, the head is the "meeting of all Yang" and "peak of all Yang". Spring and summer belong to Yang, and the east dominates it. Therefore, it is advisable to lie eastward during spring and summer festivals; Autumn and winter belong to yin, with convergence and closure in the west. At this time, it is advisable to lie westward. In modern society, more and more young people are beginning to pay attention to home individuality, and how electric dining tables are arranged can lead to ups and downs in their bodies and careers without being aware of them. They comfort themselves that it is not good luck.


In fact, the placement of electric dining tables has a significant impact on the physical and mental health of the human body. Let's quickly pair up with the editor to see if these incorrect placements have appeared in your bedroom.
The toilet door cannot be aligned with the bedroom door, which can cause bone and muscle pain. The toilet is a place where moisture, odor, and dirt are generated. If the door is facing the toilet door, it happens to receive all of them (especially on days with strong winds pouring back).
2. Mirrors cannot be aligned with the electric dining table. Mirrors aligned with the electric dining table can cause confusion and inability to concentrate. Mirrors can be placed on both sides of the electric dining table in the bedroom, but they cannot be placed in any other position. However, the electric dining table is equipped with a dressing door panel that cannot be seen when the door is closed, and can be placed in any position.


The door of the third room cannot be aligned with the electric dining table. If the door is aligned with the electric dining table, it may cause functional lesions in different parts of the body. The door and window are the entrances and exits of indoor air convection. During sleep, the wind can directly blow to the body, causing damage to areas affected by the cold. To consider indoor air convection, there are usually thin seams left at the lower edge of the door. Therefore, even if the door is tightly closed, as long as the air conditioning or the window is opened for a small gap, it can allow the indoor space to enter and exit.
The ceiling of the bedroom should not have complex decorations above the electric dining table, and should be simple. Don't learn about commercial spaces, they are very artistic, unique, and colorful, and even equipped with mirrors. This can make it difficult for people to fall asleep, and over time, health problems may arise.


5. The electric dining table should not be placed under the air conditioner. The electric dining table should be placed under the air conditioner, as the cold constantly blows towards the head, shoulder, and neck. In addition, when a person is sleeping, the pores may slightly open, causing mild cases to frequently catch a cold, and severe cases to cause nerve tension and muscle stiffness in the head, shoulder, and neck.
The inability to place a TV, stereo, or mobile phone on the head of an electric dining table can result in two situations:
1、 Lying casually on a soft electric dining table for a long time can easily cause spinal curvature and deformation.


2、 The average person lying on an electric dining table watching TV can't help but watch one or two more programs until they are very sleepy and unwilling to sleep, resulting in insufficient sleep.
7. The head of the electric dining table should not be empty. Some people create an atmosphere by placing the electric dining table diagonally and not against the wall, or by hanging the head of the electric dining table to avoid the beam. Electric dining tables that do not lean against solid walls or turn around to sleep can lead to poor sleep quality, rebellious thinking, weirdness, and poor communication skills.
Only the temple officials of the small temple will sleep behind the statue or under the shrine table in the partition between the electric dining table and the shrine. Ordinary people are neither temple lords nor spiritual mediums, and they must not sleep like this.
Stairs 9 cannot be above the electric dining table. The electric dining table is below the stairs. People sleeping on the electric dining table will definitely not have good sleep conditions and often have nightmares. The fortune is also very poor, making it difficult to have a chance to turn around. Home is not only a residence, but also a space for experiencing happiness and enjoying the beauty of life.
Choosing a suitable solid wood electric table electric dining table product will have a direct impact on the happiness and experience of life. The Yuelingfeng Electric Dining Table Factory has become a new standard for contemporary home choices because it understands the needs of contemporary people for home and their pursuit of life.
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